Red Phone

The importance of a good maintenance

Our services do not end with the projects delivered and completed satisfactorily.

Only one second after another even more important phase begins: the maintenance

Our maintenance pursue two main objectives:

  • Safety

  • Reduction of the times of no productivity.

Regular maintenance:

A good regular maintenance often prevents what we call the dead dogs. It is the best guarantee. Avoid damage instead of fixer upper damage.

All this to try to avoid red phone call.

Maintaining generated unforeseen incidents.

We have two levels of support to such events.

Remote support.

No personal specialist Offshore Blue Parrot in the installations of our customers is necessary. Verifying controls facilities using precisely defined procedure manuals, and a small contribution of previously trained staff, we can solve a high percentage of issues remotely.

On location support.

Not all incidents can be resolved remotely, then deploy our technical assistance in the affected area in the shortest possible time location whenever the weather conditions permit.